Wednesday, October 27, 2010

desert sun

well we've just come back from alice springs. fresh and happy, seeing our world anew. full of ideas and plans. 

we stayed at a caravan park just outside of town...i tracked down a second hand bike for earl so he could ride to his kids gigs. i also found a pram for jasper so we could walk around this desert town. it was covered in red dirt so i scrubbed it down and let it dry in the desert sun. it dried a beautiful matt faded dust colour and i became quite fond of this pram. we almost ran over a hilarious running lizard with it. you know the one's that run standing up on their back legs?

i also wanted to show you a most special place that i fell in love with. 

it's an aboriginal run art centre called tjampi desert weavers. all of the objects in this gallery are made by aboriginal women living on communities (out bush) and made from dried grasses collected from their country. while they're out collecting grass for sculptures they might also visit their sacred sites, find some food and perform ceremonies. they pack the car up full of kids and women and off they go! it really is an art practice that strengthens culture. walking into the alice springs gallery i could really feel all of this. i just walked around beaming. looking at grass sculptures depicting animals, people and beautifully shaped baskets, there is just such a vibrancy in each piece. i just wanted to collect it all! i came home with a tea spoon sculptured out of dried grass.

after seeing this place i'm so inspired to make something lovely and tactile...lucky that i'm working on a special wedding commission for some talented friends who make hot chocolate. so excited about this project, because i just love it when cool folk declare their love for each other! will be sure to share when i'm finished.

ooh and i forgot to mention that i have a new stockist...nook in queensland. possibly the most lovely name for a shop. might have to go and visit them some day!

i also found a very cute shop in alice springs called novita to stock when i close my eyes... although travelling lightly i only brought two books with me. and they have already sold out! so i will post some more books up to that red town soon.

busy busy days x

rachel xx

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  1. Hi Rachel, I've just come across your lovely blog by way of seeing you in Maeve. My own little family are venturing off to Alice Springs from Brisbane in January. The kids have never flown before so I'm quietly scared shitless! haha I was born in Alice so can't wait to show my partner it's beauty. :) Shilo x