Tuesday, November 9, 2010

speaking of buns

oooh i am sooo pregnant! i definately have a bun in the oven. speaking of buns, i wrote some words on baking and happiness to go into the lovely maeve, also a bit about how houses can swallow us! 

i do think maeve is the radest thing since sliced bread; a bright, inspirational and free online magazine...i do so love her. thank you lou and kate for making me a part of the sweetness!

there is also a great article for all the business ladieez out there by alison and an insight into the alchemy of craig's hot chocolate.

happy spring!

rachel xx  


  1. Congratulations honey! How exciting, I'm so happy for you. Off to read your bit in Maeve xo

  2. Congratulations! Wonderful news. I loved your Maeve contribution and I was just posting about you.


  3. I cant' believe I wasn't following your blog already. oh well..I am now!

  4. haha thank you! hope your garage sale went well!

  5. congratulations on your little warm bun :-) exciting news...i like your picture too x oh and i am constantly under threat of my house swallowing me. manda x