Thursday, September 23, 2010

drawn to words

well i sit here with a rather big belly and big happy plans...our little family is going to alice. i’m so excited. i am really itching for adventure. 

i feel like my old self again. that twenty year old self, that just knows everything will fall into place if you just follow your gut. physically, it will be hard not to! my aunty claims that we skrobalak’s have gypsy blood. she may be right. i feel happiest when i’m moving.
i have been drawn to writing lately. i love that it is so instant. and can be so confessional. huge inspiration came from  the new harvest. i’m done with glossy mags...i think. 
and lucky me, maeve has decided to share my words and pictures in her next issue. 
i have some words to welcome new babies too...destined for a cute greeting card.
so at the moment my world is all words.

much love...
rachel xx

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