Tuesday, July 6, 2010

playing shop

that's it...i've had it. with myself that is. i've been creatively walking on egg shells. no more. i'm an artist and a terrible business woman...and that might just have to be the way it is...because when i try and be a good business woman i end up being a terrible artist. so, i'm going to try and get a day job and let my art just happen.

this is the little note that i wrote to myself a couple of days ago and funnily enough since this little shift in my thinking i have began to play again. (i think that's all being creative really is) 

i have been playing in my etsy shop, just sprucing things up a bit and putting in some new things and i've also been playing around putting patterned patches on my boring clothes.

so i haven't made any masterpieces, but i'm in a good frame of mind and feeling happy.

if you'd like to play shop with me you can find all these things pictured above for sale and a few more.

rachel xx


  1. The book cozy is very, very cute. But...what are its dimensions?

  2. hi indie tea! the dimensions are 6cm x 6cm