Saturday, July 10, 2010

moment in time

at this moment in time i am inspired by...

sights: one of my all time favourite blogs, fine little day

dreams: the possibility of living in alice springs for 3 months while my husband plays music for and with kids. oh to see that red dirt again!

sounds: broken social scene- bee hives

touch: my messy new hair cut

ideas: my motherhood book...i might have figured out a way to make it feel like i'm sharing my secrets...which is what i want it to feel like.

smells: the most divine smell in the world (to a pregnant woman anyway) born baby smell...little noah george welcome to this world x

taste: mushrooms

rachel xx


  1. A newborn baby is a nice smell, even to someone who does not have a baby anywhere near her. :)
    p.s. thanks for the dimensions. Now I have to think of a size that works for a hardcover...

  2. i love those hand painted spoons from Fine Little Day!

    mmm newborn baby smell is so good!