Sunday, June 27, 2010

one drawing and a full nest

oooh i am in full swing nesting mode...spent the day gardening was bliss. i now have geraniums in pots, herbs outside my kitchen window sill and a row of lovely assorted native plants and cottage flowers ready to be placed outside my lounge room window sill  to screen the view of my neighbours. i've been going flower crazy...i'm even sticking dried, sculptural type one's on the walls with masking tape next to drawings and other artworks. last weekend i put up hooks. nothing like being pregnant to really get things done around the house!

i actually haven't been drawing all that much. i've been spending more time with my two year old and i now only have one art day a week instead of three. we are happier for it. but i suppose my blog is not. i made this drawing on my last art day...another one for my 'motherhood' story book that i'm working on. still needs a little work, but pretty much fini...this one drawing that is...not the book!

rachel xx 


  1. Hey Rachel I´m so HAPPY for You being pregnant! What a bliss!
    I love Your story featuring small, but important sounds! You are a clever owner of near things.
    Take Care!

  2. hi Rachel, I've been slowly catching up on fav blogs, I really love the drawing in this post x