Sunday, April 10, 2011

the poetry of three year olds.

i found this interview on the dumbo feather website. i love the way children think!
Harrell: What did you have for lunch today?
Beatrice: Chocolate milk with chocolate cheese and chocolate daisies. (Taking the I-phone away from me that I use for recording our conversations and sticking it in my face) why don’t you tell me how dogs eat?
H: uh, with their mouths, and their teeth and tongues. (Recovering the I-phone) What do you like about ice cream?
B: Colors.
H: What did you see at the beach today?
B: Colors.
H: What happened last night when you called for me when you were in your bed trying to go to sleep?
B: It was too noisy in my room.
H: What was the sound that you heard?
B: My heart beating blood through my body.
H: You could hear your own heart beating? What did it sound like?
B: Marching bands.
H: Did you like that sound?
B: No.
H: How do you know when a dog is healthy?
B: When them have happy eyes. Huuleesh (our Rat Terrier) has happy eyes, but Hazel (our Shepard/Husky mix) has sad eyes.
H: Does that mean Hazel is sick?
B: No, because I don’t hear her coughing.
H: What happens when you go to sleep?
B: Bats.
H: What happens when you wake up?
B: Bats.
H: Bea, you have to answer my questions, I’m interviewing you.
B: Bats, bats, bats.

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  1. <3 <3 <3 this is the best! this is why i love the company of kids so much!