Tuesday, February 1, 2011

mother's milk

whoa. my world my world has turned into a little cycle of feeding, burping, changing, rocking, goooing and gaaring and finally sleeping. my little rosie sure is a hungry girl!! my milk supply can barely keep up, so i did an internet search and found this great site which has a homemade mother's milk tea recipe. i haven't sourced all the herbs yet but i had a few in my pantry already such as raspberry leaf, fennel seeds, cinnamon and honey. and just brewing up these few ingredients really helped. who would've thought...age old remedies being delivered to me in an instant via a screen of light. sounds almost religious!

rachel xx  


  1. hi rachel...fenugreek is another one isnt it? and stout beer too :-) and drinking lots of water...and trying to rest (ha ha i know)
    old remedies are often the best :-) x manda

  2. yes i've heard of fenugreek helping too. i do like the sound of stout beer!...but i think rest is my fav! oh and i have been drinking bucket loads of water...i don't know how it's possible to ingest so much- must need it.

    oh and feeding her whenever she wants it no matter how frequent (and it can be frequent!) and expressing works. but now i'm nattering...he he.

    lovely to hear from you manda x