Saturday, June 12, 2010

happy and exhausted

well, i'm actually feeling quite exhausted these days. i have a cold. jasper, my two year old has a cold. and there is a new little life inside me! i'm pregnant!! i'm so happy and exhausted! oh motherhood! no wonder i'm working on this new picture story book.

so, here are some words...on motherhood: life undone and slowly threaded together again. being tugged on, wrapped around and climbed all over.

motherhood...makes me want for a simpler life that mostly revolves around the kitchen table.

motherhood...helps hidden dreams come into plans for adventure. a journey that doesn't lend itself to perfectionism.

hope you're keeping well; eating stews, casseroles and broth...(mine's coming from a take away restaurant tonight)  

rachel xx


  1. Love your space. Congratulations!! I am due in a couple months- the pregnancy has flown by second time around so enjoy every moment while you can. Even though it's so difficult in the first trimester. I was so sick and tired, so I feel for you. Hope colour comes back soon. xo m.

  2. ooh thank you finding your blog has really picked me up!

  3. " being tugged on, wrapped around and climbed all over" - that sums up my day today! :)

  4. Hi Rachel, I've just found your blog via Tea and Jam - I think your family photos are just gorgeous - you look like such fun people! And your book and blog are just lovely, the words you have written about motherhood are so true, I'm looking forward to seeing the book :)