Sunday, June 6, 2010

a freezing bright day and the triumphs of over sharing

i had such a fabulous day at the daylesford makers market yesterday! i was lucky enough to have the company of my husband, earl (thank you again sweety!) 

i got some great feedback and feel oh so inspired to get to work on my new picture book. doing this market was the real boost that i needed.

thank you so much to all who visited my stall, you really brightened my day! and if you joined my mailing list you can expect a newsletter early next month.

i was also lucky to be featured in the daylesford 'lost' magazine. thanks to alison from 'lark' who wrote a lovely article about my journey to becoming an artist/ crafter...or rather finding my place somewhere in between! 

alison wrote the article based on an email that i wrote her after she had decided to stock my story in her shop. when i visited her to show her my stories she asked me a few questions...i was so nervous that i did a terrible job telling her about when i got home i wrote her a massive email about everything that i wanted to say. my moment of over- sharing paid off as shortly after she gave me a call and asked if she could use the email to write an article about me...

so people...over sharing can sometimes work for you!!

hope you are having adventures big and small,
rachel xx

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  1. Thats cool you did the daylesford market! You might have met Sue from Hawthron Cottage and Marilyn (missy mao mao).
    Ive have placed an application for later in the year. From Kylie- Blue GInger