Thursday, April 29, 2010

here is my picture of sorrow

so, here is my picture of sorrow. 

it was really interesting thinking about how to represent the word sorrow. i like the floppy shape of the letters and i was thinking of a voice recorded on a tape singing out their sorrows. tape reel has a mind of it's own! i had to summon the steadiness of a surgeon!

the word 'sorrow' was chosen by hannago to her blog to find links to everyone else who has interpreted the word. 

hanna asked me to choose the next wordweek word and announce it on monday. anyone can play! if your interested just pop over to my blog on monday. i will have announced the word. if you want to play let me know in a comment so that i can link back to your blog on the friday when you can show what you've made. 

now, to think of a word!

happy friday...thanks for visiting me
rachel xx


  1. I like :) And I´m in for next weeks word Rachel :)

  2. Thank You.
    I love Your image. A silent song about sorrow. Recorded, maybe, in someones memory.

  3. I like your interpretation of sorrow, and this whole project. Wonderful to see how Sorrow can be depicted.

  4. i found you via aimee's blog.
    i adore your sketches.
    i laughed out loud
    when first seeing your
    awesome header.
    tender, peaceful, & light
    are all here.
    best pretties to you. x