Tuesday, February 9, 2010

this messy messy house

i'm trying to get jasper to sleep! he fights it so much. every time i think he's nearly there i hear a grizzle. so, i am somewhat distracted while writing this. 

i watched an amazing doco called help me love my baby...it breaks down taboos about mother's who find it hard to bond with their babies. quite enlightening...and reassuring to hear someone else say that listening to your own baby scream is like psychological torture!

and, well...i have been working on my second picture book...just a littlie for the grown ups. it's a little bit dirty...! and romantic. i think it will be called this messy messy house.   

that's enough. i don't want to give it away! funnily enough i've been doing lots of tidying lately...cleaned out my pantry. it turns out we'll be okay when armageddon strikes.

oh and i watched another show called the wild gourmets in spain. it has inspired me to cook with simple, fresh flavours. yum x

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