Monday, February 22, 2010

imagine a smell

well i just found an interesting site about imagining a smell...apparently, it is linked to the action that you took when experiencing that smell...a sniff. just like if you are trying to imagine a particular painting that you have recently seen your eyes will make the same movements as they made when you looked at the painting...a big keanu 'whoa'!

and you are likely to unconsciously take a deeper sniff imagining a pleasant smell than an unpleasant smell!!

oh and if you would like to support the greens they are having an art auction and following exhibition over at arthur sat 6th march 5-7pm. i donated 'when i close my eyes' with an original drawing inside and stitched a little pouch blanket bag from fabric i found at an op shop so the book sits in it all nice and cosy. if you're in town go along, drink wine and make an outrageous bid! xx

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