Sunday, February 21, 2010

friends who can see through you

oh it's so good to have friends who can see through your small stuttering excuses! thank you olivia for your encouragement...i'm so lucky to have you as a friend...and so this leads me to...

idea 5...take my book to schools and read it to them, but create a whole structured activity about imagination so that i am not just reading my book cold to a whole bunch of excitable kids. you kind of need to slow down to read 'when i close my eyes...' and even talk about the concept of imagination to young kids...and the idea of being able to imagine a that still considered imagination? i might have to look that up...if only there were a place where all my questions could be answered...;b


  1. Friends who can see through your excuses sound fabulous but a tad scary too. I don't see why you can't imagine a smell. X

  2. yeah...i guess i was just thinking about the image part of imagine...maybe it's more like remembering a smell...? but i suppose when you see things in your mind's eye that is partly remembering as well...oh i the brain is so interesting! did you read the article in frankie about a woman who can taste words?!

    oh and i was flicking through green mag too and did i see you guys?!! xx