Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the soggy art phenomenon and other adventures

well, what a special day it was on saturday at the makers market! it was such a blur leading up to the day as it was my self publishing dead line. on the thursday i caught a train to pick up my 10kg worth of books from print together in melbourne (these guys are sooo lovely). caught a tram and train home, getting weird looks and declining offers to put my luggage up above our heads in the compartment. i cuddled those boxes all the way home. and even succeeded in not getting the books soggy in the rain (it always rains when i'm transporting my artwork and stuff...i mean every time, it's uncanny!) when i arrived home i began binding and pretty much didn't stop until midnight friday. what a rush! what adventure! 

at the market i found myself next to a lovely photographer, tim and beck from dandelion. i'm a pretty nervous person when it comes to putting my stuff out there, but beck has a lovely motherly, calming way about her! i just about cried when a little girl read my story aloud to her mum. there is nothing quite like showing people your hand made treasures at a market, the feedback is immediate and honest. i had such a beautiful day, such warm people and a great atmosphere. i was sitting there drinking too many cups of free tea, while binding books and chatting away. not something i will do again as i almost stabbed myself with a sharp awl! thanks to steph for being such a champ and organising the market...she has such a generous spirit!



  1. The rain brings luck and is a symbol of growth. Congrats on your success at the market my lovely.


  2. So good to meet you Rachel, I really enjoyed being next to you at the market. Glad you had a good day, it was special wasn't it? Hope to see you again and I haven't forgotton your 'R' brooch! xo

  3. glad to hear it went well at the market - i'm looking forward to seeing the book. your blog is looking lovely!