Thursday, December 3, 2009


thank goodness for our little local zine thaw! these guys are just so supportive of local creative people... including, me! in this fresh issue there is a little bit about my book 'when i close my eyes....' so, thanks guys! 

oh, and there is also a really interesting article about the lovely pale and sparkling world that is 'blonde vintage' on sturt street, ballarat. 'when i close my eyes...' can be found there as well as some art prints from the book. i just love matine's knack for choosing and arranging beautiful things for her shop. i always leave her shop with a feeling of might be the combination of gnomes, ballerinas and the gorgeous martine describing things as 'bloody fantastic!'.  


  1. that's awesome news about the stockists! so great its all taking off! its long way from the pleasant st market experience for us both, glad to hear there are people in ballarat that recognise real talent!

  2. hey just saw that the makers market has released dates for next year. i'm thinking of applying for the easter one - 3rd april - will you be doing it?