Thursday, August 18, 2011

women's work...uh hem

i've been watching nigella on iview lately. i find her curvacious (onscreen) presence very reassuring. as i myself am a woman not in any particular hurry to get rid of the 'post baby body' (gasp!). i'm rather fond of my new body and all it's history.

so, i cooked nigella's roast ribs and chicken recipie tonight. wasn't quite ready in time for jasper's dinner so earl and i enjoyed this warming meal together, surrounded by lovely mess left over from a happy day.

i am learning to chill out. something has shifted in me. i've realised that it just can't all get done. it will never be d o n e . the house work is a cycle. just like everything else.

i've had a few nice chats with some lovely women lately and i think that's why i'm feeling the way i am. i even cried in front of one while she fed me tea and pizza sitting by an open fire. another imparted some motherly wisdom about baby led weaning which is really just letting the baby eat soft finger food rather than spoon feeding. good messy fun!

so, thank you women! i'm about to go to bed with a mountain of laundry partially obstructing the kitchen door way, toys all over the rug and dishes dirty. hey, it's a big deal for me! i've been a bit of a neat freak lately, which is no fun for anyone. i'm just about ready to hang a 'bless this mess' sign. x

rachel xx

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