Wednesday, July 6, 2011

oh i must blog about that

oh i have been so busy! i love being a mum of two gorgeous kids... but just so you know, things like blogging (and often showering) get moved down the list of things to do. so i have had numerous...oh i must blog about that... moments but i probably chose to shower instead! so now i have rosie on my lap and am typing one handed so i don't drop her. yes. i will post photos of her!! xx

any how before i settle down to feed this hungry (and refluxy!) girl i wanted to show you what my gloriously talented husband has been working... sorry about the glorious... it's a bit over the top but that's how i feel about him... anyway you decide! have a listen...

ps. my favourite song is 'if you want to use the slide'...which is yours?

pps. and we really do have a cat called nina.

rachel xx


  1. jasper just informed me that his favourite is 'train going past'