Sunday, September 12, 2010

a little piece of lovely

hehe...just figuring out the layout of my market stall before hand in my lounge room!

come market day the weather was fine, the people were out...lots of them! you can see photos of the day here

i had a great day talking with so many lovely market goers...

thank you if you visited my stall and stopped to read my book. and of course thank you if you bought a little piece of pictures eat people home with you...i hope you become good friends. i am always re- invigorated by the responses and feedback that i get first hand from lady told me that she used to work with elderly people who were quite sick in hospital and that she thought my book would be wonderful to read to them...helping them to remember their past...she said she had to look away as my story brought tears to her eyes! she's not the first to say that...which really means so much to me.

...this has sparked a few ideas. i was already thinking about joining up with my husband to turn 'when i close my eyes...' into a performance for school aged children. but now i'm also thinking that we could do something and visit nursing homes. or just perform for people who really need respite from their situation.

thanks to kylie and the committee for organising such a great market. and thank you to my lovely and supportive friend olivia for standing in during my frequent toilet breaks.

rachel xx 

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