Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the place where you are

still pondering big life questions about the direction of my husband and i have been inspiring these kinds of thoughts in each other since he quit his full time job as an accountant. he is slowly finding his way in the work for yourself world...

maeve inspired me too. making a mood board has helped me do some thinking that needed to be done.

i delved into my tower of magazines. i ripped and cut pictures that appealed to me on an instinctual level.

i found some gems. i really love the picture of a man drawing with a stick in the dirt. it reminds me of the raw act of drawing, writing and pure story telling. i will put this mood board on the wall. beside my bed. and look at it daily.

i also found a quote of note...

'the most interesting place in the world is the place where you are.'
marcus westbury in dumbo feather pass it on.

thanks for popping by my blog

rachel xx 


  1. i like that quote. i will keep it up my sleeve.

  2. So glad to hear MAEVE is inspiring you! xxx Lou