Monday, April 19, 2010

little treasures

little man shirt size 0


cottage dress size 1

lilac knit size 00

garden dress size 4

cow boy/girl shirt size 2

play dress size 1 

i am so excited to announce that pictures eat people now has a small collection of recycled clothes for little people. i love these little treasures...they will be in my shop soon! please note all sizes are appoximate and i will have more details in my shop.

much love,
rachel xx


  1. cute. i need a baby to dress. i found a vintage hand knit vest with a pattern of 'the old woman who lives in the shoe', meant for a five year old, in a ballarat op-shop the other day, and somehow managed to fit it over my head, and wear it as a midriff top..i was so determined to have it. kids clothes are the best.

  2. hehe! i'm sure it would've looked so cute on you!

  3. You did it! I think you'll have great success with it, everything these days are vintage inspired anyway, so cute!

  4. yes! thanks for your encouragement the other day when we were out...i've decided that pictures eat people can just be whatever i love doing as long as it's creative! i don't have to put limits on it and it can evolve! and it's even inspired me to stitch little patches to go on some of the things i find. xx

  5. Hi, so nice to meet You. I just adore Your little story book.
    I will count You in on fridays weekword. Would You mind picking a word for next week? You can unveil it on monday. Tell me if it´s ok, please.