Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a bit yellow

i am constantly astounded by the way kid's brain's work. the other morning when my son jasper jumped into bed with us it was still dark. something got knocked over and my husband, earl turned on his lamp. squinting in the light jasper said 'oh it's a bit yellow dad!'

jasper knows his colours, but recently he has also been talking about colours in an abstract way and it is very beautiful.

earl was driving in the car listening to classical music, as he does, with jasper in the back. when a particular song was finished he asked jasper 'what did you think of that?' he replied 'um, it was an orange song!' he also asked for a 'red cuddle' the other day!

kid's brain's are so full on and very inspiring. i feel like jasper influences me more than i influence him sometimes!

sorry about the kid brag!

ok in other news i finally have a web site! and i have updated my etsy shop! i am working on making new things to go in there too because my book is looking a bit lonely.

more time in the day, anyone?? do i really need sleep?

rachel xx

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