Monday, March 15, 2010

sanity and toddlers: a hopeful combination

life is a real balancing act isn't it?

as a mum it's easy to expect so much of yourself. to provide nourishing food, love, safety and fun for your littlie is always on a mum's mind. and if we slip up on this, the guilt is just enormous. but phew, we, no i need to ease up on myself. i am human. i forget things. i have bad days. sometimes it feels like the whole world is judging and watching me and my little toddler. 

when he throws a tantrum in public and i am forced to carry him upside down (to try and make him laugh instead of scream) i know i look like a lunatic! and i feel so exposed!

but do you know what? i just have to laugh like a mad woman to stay sane. and god dammit if i feel like a drink at the end of the day...then so be it! if i feel like planning our meals like a total organised freak then so be it. if i feel like curling up on the couch for a spot of embroidery while watching a detective show with my husband, then i count my dorky, lucky stars to have such a full and funny life! 

how lucky i am! and how lucky my family are to have me. a human being for a wife and mum!

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