Thursday, March 4, 2010

headphones make me happy

don't you just love walking around with headphones?...the world has a soundtrack. i haven't been doing much of that these most of the time i have a baby in tow. but these drawing are really just about getting in your own head space.

and in terms of beautifully fuzzy distorted music...well i have been listening to tenniscoats (not really fuzzy, just well japanese...the drummer plays with twigs instead of drum sticks! i saw them live in castlemaine a while back), karen o and the kids, the triffids...ok not a lot of distortion or fuzz there either...i think i'm just craving a sort of sound...any recommendations??  

my husband is furiously paper mache ing spotty tea pots! he is playing the mad hatter and host to a make believe tea party for kids this weekend. he is so excited...he's written some songs especially for it.

the new thaw is out...and it's a pretty rad issue. a beautiful article written by louisa about tegan who is an artist and teacher...i wish she'd taught me in high school...she would have blown my little mind...but i'm lucky enough to be her friend now. i wrote a slightly confessional article about my obsessive compulsive love of sharpening my pencils.


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  1. i l o v e sharpening pencils too. how could anyone not?