Friday, March 26, 2010

an explosion of cuteness

so here is the new packaging...sorry about photos. i am figuring out my camera! 

and i am quite proud to say that 'when i close my eyes...' can be found at the delightful lark 4a duke street, daylesford and also at their online shop! yay! i adore this shop. it is an explosion of cuteness!

and i came across another lovely shop called black, white and rouge, everything in the shop has those colours... so i thought my book would be right at home! it's around the corner from the main drag at shop 4, 27 vincent street daylesford.

things are really coming along! i will be having a stall at the june makers market and will be working like a busy little mummy to make some soft toys to go with 'when i close my eyes...' and a special 'nice and cosy edition' that will be come packaged in a bag made from bed sheet and blankets.

also, by then i will have made a mock up of a new handmade story with the working title 'this messy messy house' for the adults, it's a domestic love story.

take care, rachel xx

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  1. hey rachel face, you are too cute my dear. congratulations on all of your stockists, you're a star xox