Sunday, January 24, 2010

now we can play art together!

i am a bit in love and blissful as i've just spent a few hours today drawing. all the while my son, jasper was sitting on my lap, eating at the table, genrally running around and being a toddler and i wasn't worried like i normally am. so, i just had to share this with you! i'm so happy!

you have no idea how excited i am...

i'm a busy mum, right? with no studio space...(although, i'm happy with that. i love making stuff on my kitchen table using non toxic materials and working around my two year old son. he brings me so much joy and inspiration.) i used to use paper as my drawing surface of choice and because i have no space or time to make my own frames i always ran into a to frame it...expensive professional framing or a mass produced frame that i was never quite happy with for environmental reasons and because i tend to use scrap bits of paper that are odd sizes for reasons of thriftiness. blahhh blahhh blahhh.

i have just discovered something that has made me soo happy. i'm sorry i sound a bit like an add...i am not getting paid! i have come across panel eco friendly, beautiful product developed by a guy from melbourne. they've been around for a while...but being from ballarat, well, i can be a bit behind the times (i love ballarat!) anyway i won't bore you with the detaials, but it's a multi-mudium friendly surface made from entirely recycled materials and can can be wiped clean. each one is beautifully framed using reclaimed timber. so it's ready to hang and in my case, sell.

my beautiful boy, now we can play art together! husband has just quit being an accountant to live his dream and be a musician...he has been writing kids songs and putting pots and pans on his head while singing and playing guitar. life is so exciting. wish us luck!

pictures eat people x


  1. yay for doing what you want!! xo

  2. thanks very much sweetheart...i'm loving your family combie by the way. your children look so happy.

  3. I like your drawings! The panel pop sounds interesting and very useful, I might have to check it out.