Thursday, November 12, 2009

and if i spend the whole day a blubbering mess

just the other day i was talking to a friend who is going to have a 'no more breast feeding party'. she said that she wanted to have a ritual for herself, but mostly for her daughter to bid farewell to this great source of comfort.

i thought this was such a beautiful idea and a really healthy way of letting something go.

i then happened to read an article in the gorgeous 'dumbo feather, pass it on' about a woman who used to be a performance artist and has now found her life's work as a celebrant. she says she feels more like an artist now! she has a very creative approach, and that's why people go to her.

so, here's to ritual, i say! 

i've been secretly dreading christmas, as i'm having the family do at my house this year.

i lost my mum a little while ago and it's just not the same without her. so, i've been thinking... instead of trying to make it the same and feeling awkward, i'm just going to do it my way.

i want this to be a day that my family can get together and begin to heal. (although, i wont tell them that, they'll all go running for the hills!)

so, i thought lets sit under the big tree in our front yard. i want to collect a whole lot of white sheets from opp shops and lay them on the ground and give everyone a cushion with their name embroidered on it.

we don't have to sit at a table and pretend to be all formal. our family has changed and maybe our rituals need to too. and if i spend the whole day a blubbering mess, that's ok too.

this was my mum


  1. Oh sweetie, this is such a beautiful post. Your mum looks like a great woman with beautiful eyes and a loving face. I'm so sad for you that you have lost her. Your ideas for Christmas sound good and are probably an important part of the healing/grieving process. I really feel for you and am sending lots of good thoughts and love your way xo

  2. Love this post Rachel. Don't really know what to say, other than, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, in your own way. I can only imagine the loss you feel for your mum. And I think your ideas on changing things sounds great. xo