Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oh golly the winner is....

renae mccarty-ferguson you are the winner xx i will send you the very first copy of my book. hehe. i hope you look like this woman when you receive it!
thank you to all of the lovely people who shared their thoughts with me. you were so helpful and kind to take the time out, we are all so busy at the moment. oh and i really did put all of the names in a hat and pull out the winner. my cat nina was witness, she doesn't stand for any nonsense.

in other news, i've figured out what sort of paper i'm using and how i'm going to bind my books together. 

this has been my bible lately.

i've decided that i'm using a book binding method called single signature pamphlet stitch, rather than using my sewing machine.  

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  1. glad to hear you've sorted out how to bind it! look forward to seeing the finished product!